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How do you keep your Credit Cards, Visa Cards, money, coins and visitor cards in your pocket? Of course, you use a wallet for these items. No doubt, this small purse keeps the above mentioned belongings in an organized way. So, why not purchase a wallet which is made of original treated leather. Do you know like your attire your wallet is a symbol of status? A classy and handy wallet is capable to tell your standard. So, don’t underestimate it. Buy leather wallets online from Golden Riders! We are one stop to purchase branded leather wallets of different sizes and features.

How do our wallets different from others?

  • Buy wallets online at attractive prices (best in the industry)
  • Original treated leather to provide long lasting alluring appearance
  • Available in different shades like GREEN, TAN, BROWN, VIOLET, LIGHT BROWN etc…
  • Handy purses, designed to fit your pocket easily
  • Multiple compartments for cards and money to keep your things organized
  • Durable hardware is used
  • The inside fabric is strong and flexible
  • To maintain high quality hygiene, pouches can be removed for washing
  • Attractive warranty periods


Why use a wallet when I have pockets to keep things?

Many men feel that a wallet is an unnecessary object. But we deny the point. A wallet is actually an integral part of your outings. It keeps your cards and money in not only organized manner but also safely. If you use pocket to carry your money or card, it can slip accidentally or can tear. Coins in pocket can look a mysterious object because you don’t know in which pockets you have kept them.

Why a leather wallet?

As we have previously said a leather wallet add elegance and style to your appearance. It will reveal your personality and you standard too. From the point of durability, leather wallets can be a good companion of you for a long time.

How do I take care of the leather purse?

Protect it from water. Don’t use soapy water to clean. Create a cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar. Damp a soft cloth in the solution and squeeze extra water to clean it. The cleaning will renew the shine.
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Wallets - Mens Wallet

Buy Men’s Wallet Online in India.

Imagine you are having a candlelight dinner with your girlfriend and as you are going to pay off, you have realized that your credit or debit card is not with you! How embarrassing the situation will be. If you don’t want to go through the embarrassment, buy men’s wallet. It will surely keep your essentials organized if you use it properly. You can’t keep your cards in your pocket without wallet because they can break and stumble on. Similarly, coins and rupees shouldn’t slip into your pocket without a wallet. Carrying coins and rupees without wallet can put you into confusion because you may forget in which pocket you have kept your coins and in which rupees. So, get control over your pocket essentials with men’s wallet.

Moreover, wallets are the part of men’s fashion. A good quality wallet indicates your love to stay smart and organized. It makes your impression best among friends and colleagues.

How to Choose the Best Wallet for Men?

  1. The wallet should be of standard size. The big wallet creates a big bulge erupting from your trousers will not give an attractive look.
  2. Choose a slim one
  3. Care for the quality, a good quality leather wallet is what advice to men who love standard and style
  4. Choose the colour carefully, not too vibrant. Greenish-black, maroon, blue and black are good
  5. Check the finishing to avoid poor quality

How to buy men’s wallet in India from Golden Riders?

Golden Riders is one of the most leading online portals to buy men’s wallet online in India. Our firm is dedicatedly serving men’s accessories for motorbikes. We have a vast collection of hand-picked leather wallets for men. We know that this is an important accessory for almost every man. If you want to get rid of keep changing this accessory after 3 or 6 months, buy men’s wallet online from Golden Riders. We offer exclusively designed handmade wallets that fit your pocket and usable for a long time.

Key Features of Our Wallets

  • Treated leather that is soft and lasts long
  • The inner body cover with fine cotton fabric
  • Top quality and evenly stitching
  • No papers and boards
  • Available in different colours like brown, green, nude, black etc…
  • Flexibility to maintain hygiene, clean properly with separate dry pouch
  • Available with 2 years of warranty
  • Attractive price

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