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Leather Saddlebags for Motorcycles & Cycles

A Saddlebag is a large bag which is mounted over the rear wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle or back of the horse. The sleek bag is perfect to carry your essentials for casual outings or for office.

At Golden Riders, you can buy a saddlebag as per your choice because our collection varies in terms of size, colour & design. Each piece is handcrafted and is made of treated leather. They are sleek, adjustable to almost all motorcycles and durable.

Why Carry a Saddlebag?

    • A neat solution to carry a bit more on the bike
    • Tucked over the rear wheel, provide bikers comfort
    • A lightweight bag which can be used as a should bag
    • Keep your essential organized & safe
    • Fit easily to the bike rear without any additional hardware
    • Reflective detailing for bike lights to offer safe journey

Why Buy Leather Saddlebags from Golden Riders?

        • Stylish, sleek, easy to carry & designed to fit to every bike
        • Real treated leather bags, no cheap papers, plastic or foams
        • Easy mechanism to mount or release from bikes in no time
        • Dual purpose, use it as a shoulder bag
        • Most of our bags are sturdy enough to carry heavy weight (up to 5 kilograms)
        • Thick leather buckle straps to attach firmly on the rear and resistant to air
        • Rare-wheel side crash guards
        • Imported metal fittings
        • Rain proof cover to keep saddle safe & dry
        • Available in multiple colours like black and brown

At Golden Riders you get quality assurance because our saddle bags leather is of high quality. The leather shine is long lasting. The stitching of the bag is durable. Users can use it casually and for office. Multiple compartments allow you to carry your laptop, documents, pens and other essentialssafely.

At Golden Riders your online shopping is easy and secure. All major credit cards are accepted. Service is provided at your doorstep and without getting delay. For further inquiry of any of ourproduct you can mail us or call us. We promptly reply back.

So, get ready to choose your favourite saddlebag from us. You can also make shopping of other motorbike accessories from us. They are available at the best prices in the industry.

Saddlebags - Touring Saddlebags

Buy Bike Touring Saddlebags Online

If you are looking for high quality touring saddlebags with a warranty period, Golden Riders is the right choice for you. We are one of the most prominent online touring saddlebag providers in India. Our bags are synonyms of high standard, durability, and flexibility.

Why Buy Touring Saddlebags?

For motorcycle enthusiasts, Golden Riders offer high-quality saddlebags. These bags offer bikers an opportunity to go for a long drive comfortably on their bike. You can cover a long distance with this touring bag carrying all your essentials like a tent, food, map, laptop, toolkits and much more. Unlike crossbody bags and backpacks, these saddlebags offer much space to keep your essentials and settle to your bike rear body to offer comfortable drive.

Key Features of Our Bike Touring Saddlebags

Each saddlebag listed in our portal is handpicked. They are exclusive, lightweight, compact and flexible. To meet your needs we offer bags of different sizes, volumes, and colours. Moreover, each saddlebag of us has a warranty period to maintain any manufacturing flaw. Let’s take a quick look at incredible features our saddlebags offer:

  • Different capacities such as 69 liters, 48 liters, and 39 liters
  • Attached pair of 2 bags to offer much space
  • Fold-able to flexibly fold to your bike
  • Lightweight, sturdy, spacious and designed to adapt well to most of the bikes
  • Made of a special heavy-duty ballistic to carry all materials safely
  • Laptop friendly with a cushioned pocket
  • A folder pocket and pet-bottle pockets
  • Rubberized fabric on its back to provide protection against Shockers
  • Multiple straps to offer firm grip over bike
  • Reflecting taping for safe driving
  • Rainstorm covers
  • Available in different colours like black, dark blue

Why buy touring saddlebags from Golden Riders?

  • Specialized in biker accessories.
  • Have an excellent range of designer and customized biker saddlebags
  • Durable bags are offered with warranty to provide manufacturing flaw for a certain period of time
  • Maintain happy customer relationship by providing high-quality saddlebags
  • Easy online payment
  • Quick delivery to your doorstep

Feel free to browse our products and order the one that meets your requirements. We feel happy to help you out.

Saddlebags - Leather Saddlebags

Buy Leather Saddlebags Online

A warm welcome to this page which is all about letting you buy high-quality pure leather saddlebags at eye-popping prices. Golden Riders is one of the most prominent online sellers for leather saddlebags for motorcycles of different sizes. Our aim is to fit your needs and style. We understand how amazing it is to talk with wind and walks smoothly on the road no matter how much traffic in your area. Biking experience is unimaginable. To make your everyday biking journey comfortable and enjoyable we are offering classy, chic and durable pure leather saddlebags.

Why buy a Motorcycle Saddlebag?

When you leave home for office or shopping, your saddlebag provides enough space to keep your essentials intact and gives you a worry-free driving experience. It is mounted on the rare-wheel of your bike. The modern saddlebags are so flexible to use as a bike bag or a handbag.

Why buy a leather Saddlebag?

There are multiple reasons to buy a saddlebag made of leather.

  • Durable, the treated leather gets better with age
  • Look classy and sophisticated, enhance your bike look
  • Keep all your essentials intact no matter how rough the road is
  • Doesn’t make the bike heavy, because they are lightweight
  • Work for dual purpose- a bike bag and a handbag
  • Safe to use because of durability and flexibility to use it as a handbag

Key features of our leather saddlebags for motorcycles

  • Sleek design to avoid bulky and boring look of your bike
  • Pure treated leather is used to provide durability, smooth texture and shine to the bag
  • Custom bags, designed by experts considering user’s choice in mind
  • Only leather is used to make, no cheap papers, foams, or plastics
  • Flexible to mount easily on every bike
  • Design to use as an everyday bag can carry 4-5 kg
  • An easy mechanism to attach and release the bag from the bike
  • Rainproof cover to provide protection against wet or rain season
  • Available in black and different colours
  • Thick leather harness to provide better grip
  • Top quality adhesive and threads have used for stitching and pasting

Why Choose Golden Riders?

Golden Riders is a safe place to buy saddle bags of leather. The durable piece can be purchased with just a few simple clicks. The ordered product is delivered to your given address without getting a delay. For more inquiry, you can mail us.