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Motorcycles don’t have a trunk. Then where do you keep your stuff? One of the wisest ways is to buy a motorcycle backpack. This is not like an ordinary school bag but a modern, strong, lightweight and weather proof bag that you can carry as per your comfort.

Golden Riders

invites all bike enthusiasts of India to shop biker bags online. We have the best biker bags because they are exclusive, hand crafted, stylish, durable & affordable. We are a leading manufacturer and seller of exclusive ranges of bags for bikes.
Compare rates and features from our collections to find the best one. We have bags of every mood and taste.

Our Rich Collections

Crossbody Bike Bags

Stay in style with our classy collection of crossbody bags. Blue, Black, Khaki, Nude and Brown colour bags feature refine quality leather cover and high-denier inner lining, imported antique coated metal fittings, antique metal zippers & sliders, detachable or adjustable waist belt in addition multiple compartments for all your storage needs. Our each crossbody bag has a belt with shoulder leather-pad to carry them comfortably.

Messenger Bags

Our exclusive buy motorcycle bags offer includes different colours and sizes messenger bags. They are slim-sleek, designed to be carried by every gender and age. They feature fine leather in matte finish, wet-wash canvas, imported metal coated fittings, thick cotton harness as shoulder belt and enough compartments to organize your essentials like documents, mobile, gloves, wallets etc…

Tank Bags

If you want to try something different but classy, buy a tank bag from our collection. They are available in Black, Brown, Tobacco and other colours. A tank bag of us is made of oil-pull leather that runs for a long time and needs lower maintenance.  It has magnet-feet on the back side to give firm grip on metal tank. You can use as sling too. There are multiple compartments to carry your essentials safely and organized.

Thigh Bags

The concept of thigh bag is new and trendy. Golden Riders offer the multi-utility thigh bags that can adjust to your thigh, chest, tummy, waist or cross-body. These custom-made leather bags are handcrafted, therefore exclusive.

Why Buy Motorcycle Bags from Us?

  • We are a prominent online biker bag service provider, passionate to sell different varieties of bags to fit your needs
  • Our biker backpacks for India are exclusive as they are handcrafted and made of pure leather
  • We manufacture different varieties of biker products
  • From the first cut to the last stitch, each process is monitored so each bag of us goes through a series of different stages to maintain three parameters- utility, durability, and looks
  • We maintain lower rates for our biker goods to access our products to every bike enthusiast

Biker Bags - Crossbody Bags

Buy Crossbody Bags Online
Because Each piece is unique, forged with unmatched precision & Inspired from Today’s Bold Look

Buy Crossbody Bags Online in India at the Best Prices
When it comes to the perfect combination of style with comfort in bags, the cross body bags are in the primary list. They are stylish, easy to carry and long lasting bags for both men and women. The best thing about the accessory is that it stores all your essentials secure and organized and at the same times keeps your hand-free for other work. That’s why crossbody bags are considered friendly for bikers.
Golden Riders is one of best platforms to buy cross body bags online in India. We are passionate to offer all types of accessories that can make your motorbike ride easy, safe and enjoyable. We understand how important it is for you to keep your documents and other essentials aligned while driving. Therefore, each piece of the bags offer multiple compartments, adjustable waist belt, rain proof cover and many more….

Our Collection
Buy Blue, Khaki, Mauve, and black leather crossbody bags from us at the best prices in the industry. We procure each bag from respected Indian leather goods providers in order to maintain quality and standard. Sizes are varies to meet your needs.

Cross Body Bags Key Features,

Most of our cross body bags are crafted in oil treated leather in order to offer smooth finishing & long lasting usage
Precisely designed for regular routine and office use
Focus on old styled vintage looks to offer classy bags
Each leather bag of us has an attached rain proof cover to provide protection against rain and dust
Detachable or adjustable belt with should leather-pad to carry on not only cross body but also one shoulder
Capable to hold heavy weight (most of them can hold up to 10 kg)
Multiple compartments including laptop compartment, mobile phone compartment, water bottle compartment, zip-pocket for purse and money
Top quality antique metal zippers that don’t get rust

Why Shop from Us?

Golden Riders is a dedicated shop for motorbike accessories
Selling 100% original leather bags
Exclusive varieties that you cannot find easily
Easy online shopping
Service on time & at your doorstep
Affordable, durable & reliable products
Maintain happy customer relationship with an aim to promote our services more and more..

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to choose your favourite blue, khaki or Pegase Black Crossbody Leather bag! We bet that you never feel sorry on your decision once you shop from us.

Biker Bags - Messenger Bags

Buy Leather Messenger Bags Online in India

A Stylish Alternative to the Traditional Rucksack or Briefcase

Leather Messenger Bags for Men & Women

Hello friends! Thanks for landing the page. The online world is bombarded with multiple questions
on messenger bags which show how people are excited to buy the bag.

a) Are messenger bags just a fashionable complement for men?
b) What should I choose- Messenger Bags or Backpacks?
c) Is there any advantage of choosing a Messenger Bag over a Backpack?

The questions on the bag seem never going to end. Golden Riders has a solution for all your queries related to the bag. And it is to buy a messenger bag. Once you purchase it, all your doubts will be cleared about this accessory.

From user points of view, one of the prime advantages of a messenger bag over the backpack is ease to access because it is slung over your shoulder so that you can swing it easily to access the content whereas the backpack needs to take off to access!

Golden Riders believes that these bags are stylish, comfortable, easy to carry and safe to carry your essential while you are walking, climbing & riding.

Our Collection of Messengers Bags in India

Our exclusive “buy messengers bags online in India” offer includes varieties in different colours and sizes. They are slim-sleek, designed to be carried by every gender and age. Buy messengers bags for women and men in Khaki, Brown, Beige and various other colours. Each piece is made of the finest quality leather. They have crossed rigorous quality check to maintain higher level standard and durability.

Key Features of Our Leather Messenger Bags for Men & Women

  • Each one is of pure leather with matt finish for smooth texture & durability
  • Crafted using wet-wash canvas & imported metal coating fittings
  • Thick cotton harness as a shoulder belt
  • Enough compartments to organize your essential systematically like documents, mobile, wallets, pen etc….
  • Slim-sleek design
  • Removable or adjustable should belt
  • Capable to hold enough weight (most of them up to 4 kg)
  • Available in various sizes/
  • Affordable to fit to your budget

Why Choose Our Products?

  • Golden Riders is one of the leading destination to buy messenger bags online in India
  • Product quality is retained by hand-picked products
  • Fair pricing, don’t charge extra
  • Easy online shopping
  • Doorstep service without getting delay

Don’t just wait to buy your favourite colour messenger bags. Grab our best deals! You can make direct shopping or can email us or call us for further inquiry. We feel happy to assist you.

Biker Bags - Tank Bags

Buy Sleek & Fashionable Bike Tank Bags Online
Buy a tank bag from Golden Riders! We are a prominent online destination to buytank bags in India. Each bag we are featuring stands for quality, comfort & adaptability.  They are exclusive and made of real leather.

Before moving on to the key features of our tank bags, we would like to draw your attention to:

What is a Tank Bag?

As the name gives a hint itself that it is a bag which is attached to the motorcycle’s gas tank.  Therefore, it is known as tank bags for motorcycles. It is like a glove box of motorbikes, attached to the top of the gas tank, either by locking, straps, ring or magnets. It gives bikers the accessibility without getting off their bike. They are so flexible to attach to the tank quickly and remove from it which makes it great for commuting and short trips.

Advantages of Motorcycle Tank Bags

Give you comfortable riding by giving more leg space to you and your co-passengers and no need to carry in your back.
Keep your things intact & safe
Easy access to your bag without getting off from the bike
Provide worry free biking experience
Storage space for everyday riding
And many more…

Why buy’Golden Riders’ Motorbike Tank Bags?

We ensure to provide the accessory which fits your needs, look classy and durable.
Pure high-quality leather is used to make the accessory
They are highly compatible; design the tank bags for Royal Enfield bike, sportbike, and other normal bikes
Sleek design, easy to attach and detach with the motorbike
Use it as sling, with detachable or adjustable shoulder belt
Different capacities bags to fit your needs
Different compartments to keep things organized like one main compartment, zip pocket, mobile pocket and coin pocket
Rainproof cover to provide worry-free biking experience
Offer bike tank bag online opportunity with a year, 2 or 3 warranty over any manufacturing flaw
Different colour bags like brown, tobacco etc…

Golden Riders is a prominent bike accessory seller in India. We offer the best tank bag in India. Every collection of us is hand-picked by our experts to ensure quality. You will find a worry-free shopping experience at Golden Riders. Easy online payment is provided and the delivery is made on time. So, finalize the tank bag of yours.

Experience the class, quality & uniqueness

Biker Bags - Thigh Bags

Buy High Quality Treated Leather Thigh Bags in India

Accentuate your style with classy, slim & organized motorcycle thigh bags

Golden Riders invites all young crowds of bikers in India to buy international range treated leather thigh bags. Our varieties in the category include well-organized multiple compartments and easy-to-carry bags. We encourage all cycle, scooter and motorbike enthusiasts to buy different varieties of bags because somewhere you are noticing by not only your dressing sense but also the accessories you are carrying. So, don’t represent yourself a monotonous guy, increase your bag varieties to show that you are not behind in the race of fashion & class.

Key Features of Our Thigh Bags

  • Our collection is perfect for everyday use while riding on your favorite motorbike, scooter or bicycle.
  • Handcrafted bags, designed with an obsessive attention on every minute detail and inch
  • Treated leather thigh bags including luster and assurance of long lasting usage
  • Warranty for a period of 2 or more years over any manufacturing flaw
  • More organized and combine comfort with great look and functionality
  • 4 adjustable straps to carry not only on your thigh but back, waist & chest
  • Multiple zipper and flap compartments to keep your things organized
  • Good capacity bags “carry up to 5 Ltrs.
  • Fine quality inner linings
  • Imported metal fittings, resistant from rust
  • Thick cushion belts
  • Even stitching and high quality adhesive used for pasting
  • Give bikers a worry free ride
  • Belts are designed to provide better grip
  • Available at the best prices in the industry

Thigh Bag FAQs

1. Why Do I Buy a Thigh Bag?
A thigh bag is a small but spacious bag to carry your essentials in an organized manner. You can free your pockets when you have a thigh bag. Do you know it is risky to carry your money, cards and purse in the pocket when the bike is in full speed? It can slip from your pocket without letting you know. For worry free biking, the bag can be an integral part. In addition, the bag sets a stile quotient, making you stylish and noticeable in the crowd. So don’t miss out to possess the classy and slim bag.

2. Why leather thigh bags when options are many?
As you know leather stands for smooth texture, perfect finishing, high standard and class, a leather-made drop leg bag will definitely show your taste and class. It will mark you a stylish person. Apart from this, leather bags are durable and have outstanding handcrafted finishing that you probably get in bags of other materials.

3. Why buy online a drop leg bag in India?
Online is an emerging field in India, serving varieties at unbelievable prices. Local markets may be limited in varieties but online shops offer varieties at the best prices. From Golden Riders, we too offer varieties at exciting prices. So, don’t think much. Start your shopping for this stylish and organized bag today!